Victoria Onyx Soft Pink Polished 60×120

SKU: OnyxS120PP

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Artico White Tiles pristine tiles embody minimalist elegance, transforming spaces with their timeless white canvas, adding sophistication and adaptability to any design project.


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Durable Tiles

We offer good quality tiles are made to withstand wear and tear, ensuring they maintain their appearance and integrity over time.

Tiles' Uniformity

Our tiels are of high-quality tiles with consistent color, size, and texture, creating a cohesive and attractive look when installed.



At Victoria Tiles we source products from all around the world by working with quality tiles manufacturers around the globe.

Our motto is to make the highest quality low-cost products available to our customers. An exceptional range of tiles is available for immediate delivery no matter how small or big your project is. The range of our tiles will give your house a new makeover according to your taste and budget.

  • Our tiles are built to withstand wear and tear
  • We offer a wide range of captivating designs, colors, and finishes
  • Our tiles are not only stunning but also easy to clean and maintain

Product Details

SKU: OnyxS120PP
Size: 600x1200x10mm
Material: Porcelain
Colour: Pink
Finishes: Polished
Features: Rectified
Thickness: 10mm
Tiles per M2: 1.39
M2 per pallet: 40.28
Boxes per pallet: 28
Tiles per box: 2
Price per M2: £29.99

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